On 05-08-2017 at 7:00 PM, the Board of Directors of the SDAB met by conference call. President Lerae Olesen called the meeting to order. Secretary Brush called the roll with all members present. With one addition the agenda was approved.


The last two board meeting minutes were approved as sent by email.


Steve Hart gave the treasurer’s report which got approved. Further information may be obtained from Steve.


Committee Reports and Updates:

  1. Due to family issues, Doug did not attend the meeting at the Capitol Building in Pierre. From the meeting of the SDSbvi Board Koni reported that next year a table at the event would be purchased through the agency and hopefully manned by a person who is blind or visually impaired.

  2. President Lerae reported on the meetings she has attended through the Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities and other disability groups. SDAB signed off on a letter urging members of Congress not to repeal or replace the Affordable Care Act.

  3. President Lerae discussed the survey for SDAB which will be sent out on SurveyMonkey through Shelly Pfaff’s office. Lerae will check it out before it is emailed and mailed to current and past members of SDAB.

  4. Membership: Koni reported that 65 names of current members were sent to ACB; there are 3 lifetime members. Since March two more people have joined. There were seven new members this year.

  5. Website and server: Koni continues to accomplish a great deal of work with the website. The new site would be $14.00 per month, and she wondered if the total amount could be paid. This site would be more accessible than what we currently use. The domain changes next year. The one thing that we don’t have is pictures which people really enjoy. Nick made calls to Board members for their bios, and we thank him for that work. A motion passed to change the server. The Board gave Koni the authority to complete this work. Then, Koni mentioned a subscription for $10.00 per month.

  6. In regard to a raffle this year, the question came up as to how many tickets would be sold when a convention will not be held this year. Seth will compose a letter to eye doctors and any other groups.  Comments were made that we focus on modernizing the website so that donations can be made on line and to sent out fund raising letters to specific groups. Another suggestion for fundraising was for Amazon Smile where charities receive an amount from member sales. A motion was made and past to postpone a decision on the raffle at this time and amended to pursue other possibilities at this time.

  7. Program Social: Chelle reported that she visited with Director Gaye Mattke who said the fall event cannot take place at the Rehab. Center as this does not involve state business. Chelle and her committee continue to make plans for the event.

  8. In regard to the ACB Convention which will be held in Sparks, NV, Deb suggested that an item of Black Hills Gold jewelry be donated to the auction at ACB and that the local chapter participate in the cost. Although travel to NV is very expensive, Steve and Chelle Hart plan to attend

  9. Dakotalink is seeking nominations for its advisory council which is federally mandated. Information can be obtained from the office in Rapid City. After Koni and Chelle presented at some meetings with Sandford Hospital, Gaye Mattke gave thanks to SDAB on the personal stories, advocacy and involvement. Chelle reported that Steve Hart’s son is looking in to where to start with the provision of audio description in SD. He works with Fox Network in IA.

  10. Doug provided information regarding the leadership training to take place in Omaha, Ne, but no attendees this year.

  11. In her short time on the Board, Linda regrets that she must resign her position. She and her husband are making a move to Nc, and this has been a sudden decision. She did agree to complete her term into the fall.

  12. Casey shared that he received an interview on Talking Audio Books. Then, he was asked to take over as host of the show at talkingaudiobooks.com

  13. The next meeting date will be July 31, 2017, at 7:00 PM. The meeting was completed at 8:44 PM.

Respectfully submitted,


Dawn Brush