January 30, 2017 Board Minutes

On 01-30-2017 at 6:30 PM, President Lerae Olesen called the Board of SDAB to order. For the roll call, members were present except for Dave and Linda. The agenda was approved.


Minutes of the 11-21-2016 board meeting were approved as emailed.


Steve Hart provided the treasurer’s report and information can be obtained from him.


Committee reports were provided by the respective chair persons.

Membership: Koni reported that memberships are being mailed to her. As in past years, board members may be asked to make calls to remind members that dues are due and need to be sent in to ACB by March 08, 2017.

Publicity: With less than 100 members in the organization, the question came up about how many additional people receive the newsletter. There was a concensus that eye care providers,, businesses and other people need to be contacted and asked if the AS I SEE IT is received and if dues or a donation would be considered. Koni continues to receive training for the SDAB website. She and Kathy agreed that the current site is not easy to navigate for a person who is blind or visually impaired. In May a decision needs to be made about keeping this host or searching for a new one. Koni said the contract is up in June, and she suggested a change. Since the Facebook page continues to receive hits, pictures would be a good addition along with bios from members. She does post information from ACB and other sources.

Finance: A long discussion took place in regard to the budget for 2017. If you wish to receive more additional information, please contact Seth Sims. A balanced budget was finalized.


After a lengthy discussion about the fall convention, it was suggested that a face-to-face open board meeting be held with representatives from various agencies to be invited for their reports and input. A motion passed with the the program.social committee to choose the site, preferably in Sioux Falls.   


Legislation: Lerae represents SDAB on the bi-weekly conference calls with several organizations facilitated by the Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities. Lerae stated that the topics for state and federal legislation are often overwhelming! She is not familiar with many of the participants. On 02-14-17 Doug will represent SDAB at Disability Awareness Day to be held at the capitol in Pierre. His expenses will include meals and one night’s lodging at state rates.


Chelle Hart plans to meet wit the program.social committee and the new community outreach committee.


The budget committee continues to compile data for questions to be included in a survey which will be sent out to members later this spring. A board meeting will be held on Feb. 20 specifically to deal with this item.


The meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM.


On 02-20-2017 the SDAB Board members

Met by phone with enough people to call a quorum.

President Lerae visited with Shelly Pfaff who will set up and send out the membership survey on Survey Monkey. It was suggested that the completed survey results be returned to Lerae and Koni. If a print copy is requested, this can be mailed “free matter” and returned to the post office box. The questions were then developed. Hopefully, the surveys can go out in May with results to be returned by June 1st.


Respectfully submitted,


Dawn Brush