Membership By Koni Sims

If you have not already mailed your memberships, please submit it by March 8, 2018 so it can be included with the names submitted to the American Council of the Blind membership list. The more names we submit, the more votes South Dakota will have at the national convention. We encourage your spouse, children, friends, and teachers to join need not be blind or visually impaired to join. Members:

Carol Arens, Dawn Brush, Louis Brush, Gailand Fischer, Lon Gellhaus, Marva Gellhaus, Chelle Hart, Steve Hart, George Jones Marje Kaiser, Nancy Michlitsch, Lerae Olesen, Shelly Pfaff, Nancy Pierson-Refener, Doug Puetz, Eric Rippentrop, Lisa Rippentrop, Koni Sims, Seth Sims, Dawn Srstka, SD Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities, Bio Schreur    Deb VerSteeg        Lisa Waldner Steve Waldner                 Elaine Wiese         James Zuber, Sherri Zuber, Mark Krogstrand, Zelda Gebhard