September 27, 2015

Annual Business Meeting

South Dakota Association of the Blind Annual Business meeting

September 27, 2015

Governor’s Inn

Pierre, SD.


The annual business meeting of SDAB was called to order by First Vice President Dawn Brush.

Seth & Koni Sims joined the meeting via speaker phone. Dawn LaMee announced the newsletter submission deadline as October 12. The minutes from 2014 had been read on Saturday. A motion seconded and carried to approve the minutes as read.

Dawn Brush thanked the awards committee for their work, mentioning Steve Kelsey as the recipient of the Gus Zachte Memorial Award.

In discussing the convention program, everyone seemed to enjoy the presentations by the speakers, William and Tracey Hawkins. The hotel was good. There was some discussion about acoustics and lighting in the meeting room. The group discussed meeting in Aberdeen next year, possibly the weekend after Labor Day, September 9-11, 2016. A motion seconded to hold the convention in Aberdeen, with a friendly amendment for Sioux Falls if Aberdeen does not work out. The motion carried.


Dave Miller then took over chairing the meeting. The next item was the treasurer’s report. The amount for the basket auction and the traveling bear, $186.00. Raffle tickets, $921.00, and $421.00 following the $500.00 prize. A motion seconded and carried to approve the treasurer’s report. Please contact him for further financial details.


Dave stated that the SBVI board has approved a $350.00 amount particularly for new attendees to the convention. Also to be considered, doing a state plan public meeting in conjunction with the convention.


The next topic was resolutions. Items included:

2015-01: Blindness Specific Services Utilized for the Education of Children with Sight Loss, HR3535, the Alice Cogswell & Ann Sullivan Macy Act.

2015-02: Demonstration Project to Investigate the Feasibility of Coverage for Low Vision Devices for Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries, HR729.

2015-03: Ratification of the Marrakesh Treaty, related to worldwide access to printed materials, and sharing accessible materials among the countries on the treaty with each other. All resolutions passed by motions seconded and carried.


This past summer, Chelle & Steve Hart as well as Seth & Koni Sims attended the ACB convention in Dallas, TX. Koni spoke briefly about their experience, this being Seth’s first national convention and her first attendance in several years.


The next topic was update on the SDAB website. With mike Melvin’s passing, Dave will contact Mike’s wife to try to get the passcodes and other information to access it. He will work with the God Addy or the server as needed.


 The proposed amendments making some of the wording more succinct and streamlining the number and duties of the standing committees were passed. Specific major changes include:

The budget committee in By-law IV Section 2 was deleted.

By-law V Officers

C. Duties

4. It shall be the duty of the second vice president to serve as finance committee chairperson.

6. (Treasurer, last sentence) the treasurer shall be bonded if the total amount of assets exceeds sixty thousand dollars ($60,000.00).

By-law VI Standing Committees was rewritten as follows:

Unless otherwise provided, the president shall appoint the chairperson and members of the following committees, and each committee shall consist of not less than three (3) members: finance, resolutions/legislative, program/social, membership, nominating, amendments, publicity, and scholarship/awards. The president shall have the power to appoint any other committees deemed necessary or helpful. The president shall be an exofficio member of all committees.

A. The finance committee shall consist of the second vice president who shall serve as chairperson, first vice president, secretary, treasurer, two (2) board members, and one (1) other SDAB member. The function of this committee shall be to develop an annual budget, to oversee expenditures of that budget, to implement fundraising activities for the corporation, and to approve expenditures of funds in excess of budgeted amounts.

B. The resolutions/legislative committee shall frame resolutions which shall be read at the closing meeting of the corporation. The chairperson of this committee shall be a member of the Board of Directors when feasible. The members of the corporation shall submit resolutions in writing to the committee to facilitate its work. This shall not prevent resolutions from being presented from the floor. This committee shall inform the membership of legislative issues, support or oppose legislation, and draft and present legislation for the corporation subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

C. the program/social committee shall consist of the first vice president who shall serve as chairperson of the committee and at least two (2) other members. The function of this committee shall be to make all arrangements for the program, banquet and entertainment for the convention.

D. The membership committee shall solicit and maintain a list of members in good standing. The chairperson’s responsibilities shall include sending annual membership and convention registration forms to all perspective members and submitting a list of all members to the treasurer for payment of the annual dues to the American Council of the Blind. All dues collected shall be transmitted to the treasurer for deposit.

E. The nominating committee, no change.

F. the amendments committee, no change.

G. the publicity committee, no change.

H. The scholarship/awards committee shall develop, maintain and promote any approved scholarships or monetary stipends available through the corporation. The committee shall also solicit recipients for any appropriate awards or recognition, and present these at the annual convention.

By-law XI, Dissolution, was not passed. It was referred back to the committee.

Please contact the secretary for a copy of the updated by-laws.


Other items to be discussed included audio description and Friends of the Braille and Talkingbook Library.

As for the fundraising information presented by Will Hawkins, members are giving direction to the board of directors. Dave will contact Will Hawkins before our next board meeting to find out what our first steps would be. A motion seconded and carried that Dave network with the second vice president, treasurer and Will to research first steps in the affinity process and bring this information to the next board meeting.


A suggestion was made that we establish an email list for the organization to keep members informed. Dave will work with Mary Sjerven on this. A motion seconded and carried to authorize up to $50.00 for clerical help to establish the email group for SDAB members.


A motion seconded and carried to continue membership in the SD Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities and the Foundation for the Blind and Visually Impaired.


As for audio description, Dave told us that Hawaii introduced a bill that any theater having two or more locations should include audio description, with open caption twice a week. Sioux Falls Century Theaters make the audio devices and headphones available for those movies that are audio described. Dave would like us to try to work with this as one of our public advocacy projects for the year.


Next was election of two board members. Doug Puetz and Mary Sjerven’s terms were being completed, and they were both nominated by the committee for three-year terms. Doug and Mary were each elected by acclamation.


The meeting concluded with Santana Lone Wolf whistling the National Anthem.

A motion seconded and carried to adjourn at 11:10 a.m.


Respectfully submitted:

Lerae Olesen,