After my premature birth in 1953 I was diagnosed with retinopathy of prematurity but am blessed to have light perception.


When I was very young, my parents were connected with people at the School for the Blind and so began a journey which continues to this day. After attending school for two years in Gary, SD, the doors opened at the new facility in Aberdeen, SD, and here we are today. Besides for receiving my education through the 11th grade, my involvement with the school includes: working on staff, serving on the SD Foundation for the Blind, serving  on the Advisory Council, participating with the Lions and Lioness Clubs in many activities with the students and being honored with the recognition of Friend of SDSBVI. I don’t do this for fortune or fame, but for the “Love” of the students and their families.


For my senior year of high school, I transitioned to public school in my home community which proved to be a lasting experience to this day. Both types of education are essential, in my opinion, and it’s critical to make friends in the world of blindness and in the sighted arena where blind and visually impaired people spend most of their lives.


After high school I spent one year at college but the “world of work” is where I wanted to be and am still there 45 years later. I did complete a college degree in Sociology-Human Services and Gerontology. I’ve lived in Aberdeen for over 43 years and continue to be active in Lioness.Lions Clubs, Mayor’s Committee for People with Disabilities, Methodist Church where I am a trained Stephen’s Minister, SD Association of the Blind along with the American Council of the Blind and an advocate for disability groups where I feel a strong pull.


I followed a dream and currently work as a consultant for the Pampered Chef Company. I also continue to work as a sub here at the SDSBVI.


Throughout the journey of life, there have been ruts and bumps, but I’ve become more positive and enjoy more “lemonade” than sour grapes.