March 7, 2016 Board Minutes

The SDAB Board of Directors held a conference call meeting at 6:30 p.m. CDT on Monday, March 7, 2016. All members were present except Mary Sjerven.

Following the call to order by Dave Miller, the agenda was approved.

The minutes from December 28, 2015 were approved as sent via email.

Steve Hart then gave the Treasurer’s report, with totals in checking and savings accounts. Checks had been written donating $150.00 to the Summer Reading Program for the Braille and Talking Book Library and $100.00 to reserve a spot at the Disability Awareness Day at the Capitol which had taken place on February 10. The Tresurer’s report was adopted by a motion seconded and carried.


Amy Chappelle represented SDAB at the Disability Awareness Day for legislators at the Capitol, visiting with a number of them, including someone whose son has a visual impairment. She stated reaching out to that person was especially meaningful and important.


The following committee reports were given:

A. Finance: The committee had met via conference call. Seth, Steve and Dave need to talk with Will Hawkins, our speaker from the 2015 convention, regarding finances and implementing some of the ideas that were presented. Seth will arrange a meeting with Will. The finance committee had approved a raffle. A motion seconded and carried to approve the report.

B. Membership: Letters with invitations to join SDAB as well as a brochure were sent to everyone on the membership list, even if they had paid dues at the convention. At the time of the meeting, there were 52 members. Some of the people on the list will be contacted by phone before the March 15th deadline. Koni has learned the AMMS program which works well.  Dave suggested planning some outreach activities to gain new members.

C. Program/social/convention: The committee had met to make plans. The convention will take place in Aberdeen September 16-17, Friday and Saturday, and the hotel is the Ramkota. The theme is Fun, Fitness and Frolic. The Friday afternoon activities will take place at the school. Dawn and Amy reviewed the tentative program which includes seeing fitness equipment, yoga, a healthy snack, and a white cane & dog guide awareness walk-athon. The walk will be a fund raiser entitled Canes and Paws for a Cause. This will be followed by a meal before adjourning to the hotel. The Saturday sessions will take place at the hotel, including speakers on wellness, a boxed lunch at noon, and reports from the various entities. The business meeting will be held on Saturday afternoon. The banquet with nice items for auction will take place on Saturday evening. After more discussion, a motion seconded and carried that the total amountfor members to pay including dues, registration fee, Friday meal, Saturday lunch and banquet should be no more than $70.00. We also discussed giving plenty of time for the reports given from the State employees for the services they provide.


Underother items:

Dawn attended the Advisory Council meeting at the school on March 7, in place of Linda Biffert. Dawn will attend in May also.

There followed some discussion regarding communication.  We need to work on communicating with our members as we move to a more electronic format. The newsleter will hopefully be out in May. Although the website is still active, there are still issues related to updating it. Koni has ordered more copies of the brochure.

 Regarding the State Plan meeting, the format has changed to include other agencies into a combined meeting, which took place in January 2016. It is important that SDAB have representation at this meeting.     

The next topic was the ACB convention in Minneapolis in July. A motion seconded and carried that $3000.00 be set aside to be distributed among the people who are attending if they choose to accept it. Dave will write a letter to be sent to all members regarding this opportunity, since the convention is so close. Lerae will serve as the point person for members to contact regarding the convention stipend, and the deadline is May 7.

The next topic was the NFB Newsline, a telephone newspaper and magazine reader service which is available in most states. Ed Pinkman had contacted us about getting the service going in South Dakota. Lerae and Chelle will serve with Dave on a committee to work on this project.

The next board meeting is scheduled for May 9 at 6:30 central time.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Lerae Olesen,