August 1, 2016 Board Minutes

Board meeting, August 1, 2016.

The SDAB board met via conference call on Monday, August 1, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. All members were present except Mary Sjerven.

Dave called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

The agenda which had been sent out was approved with the addition of discussion of visual information on local TV channels.

The minutes from May 9 were approved by a motion seconded and carried.

Steve presented the treasurer’s report. Two CD’s were cashed to cover expenses of attendees at the ACB convention. The amount was $1945.10 for those who had requested stipends. A motion seconded and carried to accept the treasurer’s report.

Committee updates and reports:

  Finance committee: Seth and Dave are still working on the survey to be sent to members regarding purpose/priorities. Hopefully there will be some related discussion at the annual meeting.

Convention committee: Dawn Brush reported that the newsletter has been sent out including the convention program. There was significant discussion regarding registration and membership forms, which, although included in the newsletter, were not formatted for convenient access. After printed forms being distributed, Dawn LaMee will get membership info to Koni if she receives it. Dawn B will contact the new state librarian to invite him to the convention. Dawn Backer from SDRC and Sandy Neyhart from SBVI will be in attendance. The Friday programming will take place at the school, including a fitness walk, and catered meal in the late afternoon. Saturday activities at the Ramkota will include speakers on various aspects of fitness, and a panel of people regarding transitioning into health clubs etc. Saturday afternoon will include reports and information from SBVI, SDRC, and those who attended the ACB convention in Minneapolis. The annual business meeting will also take place on Saturday afternoon. The banquet will include a speaker, the raffle drawing, and the hpresentation of the Gus Zachte Memorial Award. The auction will conclude the convention weekend.


Membership: Some members have paid early for next year. Current count is 69 or 70 members.

Publicity: The website is up and running and looks good. The Facebook page has had some posts, and approximately 74 likes. Koni asked for stories or biographical information of interest to be sent to her to put on the website, beginning with the board members. Also, with our affiliate information on the ACB website, we have the opportunity to publicize more information about SDAB. Kathy Nelson will train Koni and one other person to take over doing the updating of the site.

The Bylaws committee will not be presenting any proposed changes this year.


Resolutions/legislation: Dave will look on the ACB website and draft resolutions as appropriate. Some of the board members had received email communication from Mike Klimisch of the NFB related to contacting TV stations asking them to statephone numbers rather than just saying, “Call the number on your screen.” This is another good resolution topic.  Also, tactile currency.


Awards/scholarships: No nominees for the award at the time of the meeting. There was one request for a stipend for the convention.


Nominating: Chelle urged all members to consider nominations for the officer positions and two board members.


Other topics: Regarding the NFB newsline telephone reader service, The issue is still being researched. Annual cost is $21,000. South Dakota is one of three states which does not currently have access to the newsline. We will discuss this at the convention also.


Following closing remarks and comments, the meeting adjourned at 8:00.


Respectfully Submitted:

Lerae Olesen,