September 17, 2016

Annual Business Meeting

South Dakota Association of the Blind Annual Business Meeting, September 17, 2016.

Ramkota Hotel, Aberdeen, SD.


The SDAB business meeting was held at the Ramkota Hotel in Aberdeen on Saturday, September 17, 2016. A quorum of the membership was present. The meeting was called to order by President Dave Miller at 3:15 p.m. The minutes from 2015 were approved by a motion seconded and carried.

In his treasurer’s report, Steve Hart stated that with the raffle, we had taken in a little over $1000.00. The Clark Lions club donated $500.00. One of the largest expendatures was sending people to the ACB convention in Minneapolis in July. Other financial information was also provided in the report. Please contact Steve for further information. A motion seconded and carried to accept the Treasurer’s report.

There was some discussion about putting money into a semblance of the former gadgetry program. A motion seconded and carried to form a committee to establish criteria for distribution of discretionary funds to benefit blind and visually impaired individuals within our state, up to $2000.00 in the first year.


Next, Dave and Seth told the members about an upcoming survey which will give the board feedback as to some of the priorities of our members relateing to SDAB. Some items covered in the survey will include a potential project, an annual convention versus every other year, as well as other feedback and fundamental questions. The survey will be available to all members of SDAB and will move forward.  


Koni Sims reported that there were 69 members on the list for 2016. She will be sending out letters and recruiting members for 2017. She will also be contacting eye doctors and lions clubs. Our membership records are now online with the ACB AMMS program, making the reporting process more streamlined.


The next topic was the revised web page. Kathy Nelson from Sioux Falls was able to get into the website. Koni is asking for any biographical or blog information from members. There are 75 likes on the Facebook page. Koni will be receiving training to manage the site. There was other discussion about publicity.



The following resolution topics were brought forward and passed by motions which carried2016-01. Dog guide regulations.

2016-02. Accessibility of commonly used self-care medical equipment.

2016-03. Internet Accessibility Regulations.

2016-04. Audio Description.

2016-05. Accessible Textbooks, presented from the floor by Jane Munschenk.

 2016-06. Increased teacher funding for staff from the school.

2016-07. Requesting local TV channels to state phone numbers rather than stating, “Please call the number on your screen.”

Also mentioned was a bill drafting a resolution to vote “no” on HR3765, ADA Education and Reform Act of 2016.


The next item was elections. Chelle Hart reported the following slate of officers from the nominating committee: President, Lerae Olesen; First Vice President, Chelle Hart; Second Vice President, Seth Sims; Secretary, Dawn Brush; Treasurer, Steve Hart.  

Each of the officers was elected by acclamation. Two three-year board terms were concluded by Deb Ver Steeg and Koni Sims. They were both eligible to run for a second three-year term and both were elected by acclamation. Mary Sjerven had sent a letter of resignation from her board position, leaving an unexpired term of two years. Tevan Fischbach was elected. For the one year remaining in Chelle Hart’s unexpired board term, Amy Chappelle was nominated by the committee. Linda Heller was nominated from the floor. Linda was elected.


Thanks was expressed to the program/social committee and to those from the school for their work on the convention program. Dave then made some closing remarks.

The meeting adjourned at 4:55 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted:

Lerae Olesen,