May 9, 2016 Board Minutes

The SDAB Board of Directors met via conference call on Monday, May 9, 2016 at 6:30 p.m central time. All members were present except Mary Sjerven, Casey Trowbridge and Chelle Hart.

After Dave Miller called the meeting to order and the role call was taken, the agenda was approved. The minutes from March 7 were approved as sent via email.

Next, Steve gave the treasurer’s report. Membership dues had been sent to ACB in the amount of $310.00. Copies of the brochure cost $318.00. Other figures are not noted here. A motion seconded and carried to adopt the treasurer’s report.


The next item was committee reports.

Finance: Seth reported that SDAB will hold a raffle again this year, with three prizes: a tactile painting of the Sioux Falls worth $350.00. Second and third prize will be $100.00 and $50.00 respectively. Regarding fund raising, Seth talked about doing a survey of our members to assess what their priorities should be. The survey can be done online using Surveymonkey, or sent to members who do not have online access. Seth and Dave will work on writing the survey questions. A motion seconded and carried to approve the report.

Under membership, Koni stated that she likes the AMMS program for tracking membership with ACB. We had until March 31 to get membership in. We paid for 62 members at $5.00 each. With 3 ACB life members and two others who joined SDAB after the March 31 deadline, we have 67 members.


The next topic was the SDAB website proposal. Koni and Seth had gotten a proposal regarding the website development. A person they know named Kathy Nelson has her own business, Virtual Office Creations. When meeting with Koni, Seth and Dave, she had made some suggestions such as adding pictures to the site, as well as giving place for Facebook, blogs and tweets. A motion seconded and carried that the public relations committee be authorized to spend up to $400.00 to get the website up and running.


The next topic was the state convention. Friday activities will take place at the school. Saturday activities will be at the Ramkota. The box lunch on Saturday is $15.00 and the banquet is $20.00. Total cost for convention registration is $70.00. The room rate is $99.00 for those who do not qualify for state rates. Regarding stipends, the SBVI board has stipend money available in the amount of $175.00. They prefer this money be used for first time attendees. This money can be divided or not. A motion seconded and carried to allocate up to $175.00 matching theirs, to assist with stipends for those who apply.


The next item was attendance at the ACB convention in Minneapolis. Four people were interested in receiving stipend money to assist with expenses. These included deb Ver Steeg, Nick Pavel, Virginia Miller, and Lerae Olesen. A motion carried that the amount of money used for these stipends be up to $2000.00, with a maximum of $500 per person, depending on actual expenses and receipts. Dave will contact Virginia and Nick regarding this.


The next topic was the NFB newsline reader service. Dave had visited with Gaye Mattke about this. He will continue to work on it.


Next, Dawn gave a report regarding SDSBVI She had attended their advisory council on May 2. On May 5, the Foundation had held the second annual Dinner in the Dark fund raising and friend raising event. We need to replace Linda Biffert as the SDAB representative to the advisory council. This can be done at the annual business meeting in September.


The next board meeting was tentatively set for July 18 at 6:30 central time.

The meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m. 

Respectfully Submitted:

Lerae Olesen,