AS EYE SEE IT South Dakota Association of the Blind, Inc. Volume 19 Issue 4    August-December 2016              Editor: Dawn LaMee

SDAB Mission Statement: To support and advocate for the full inclusion of persons who are blind and visually impaired into all aspects of society. This is accomplished through public education, peer support, community service, self and systems advocacy, and developing and supporting legislation. Check out our website at: and our Facebook page at: South Dakota Association of the Blind


President’s Greetings! By Lerae Olesen, President

Hello and welcome to winter in South Dakota. We had such a beautiful fall and then when the weather changed, wow!! This weather is a good reminder, as a Patty Lovelace song says, “Life’s about change, nothing ever stays the same.” Change can be a good thing, even though it is a bit scary at times. I would like to thank those of you who elected me to serve as your President for the next two years. I would also like to welcome the newly elected board members Tevan Fischbach of Aberdeen and Linda Heller of Huron. On another note, I would like to express condolences to our editor, Dawn LaMee in the passing of her mother in late November. Dawn, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

In looking over our brochure, I was reminded that SDAB has a mission statement which I was not aware of until a few months ago. It says: The mission of SDAB is to support and advocate for the full inclusion of persons who are blind and visually impaired into all aspects of society. This is accomplished through public education, peer support, community service, self and systems advocacy, and developing and supporting legislation. I hope that we can all think about our mission and find ways to accomplish each of these goals. We are in fact carrying out these objectives every day. For example, public education doesn’t have to always mean standing in front of a group giving a presentation. It may mean simply showing a sighted person the proper way to guide someone down a hallway at a hospital or medical clinic. Peer support may mean reaching out to a neighbor or family member who is losing his or her vision. On the other hand, public education in a group setting is very important too. I will talk about some of the things our Siouxland chapter is doing in a separate article. I would like to challenge all of us to find ways to carry out our mission, if indeed it is what we want our mission to be. The Board and I welcome feedback and suggestions to make SDAB a more valuable organization for each of us. Contact information for board members can be found on page ten of this newsletter. Until next time, I wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and healthy New Year.    


2016-2017 Committees by Lerae Olesen, President

Hello everyone, as your SDAB President, one of my duties is to appoint committees for the year. If you have been chosen it is because we believe you have an interest in our organization and the ability to serve on a committee. Please check out the list on page ten, if you have any questions, please contact me. Thank you for your willingness to serve SDAB and its members.


Thank You by Dawn Brush

What a great Convention we had this year at the Ramkota Inn in Aberdeen. Thank you to everyone who assisted in any way.  Many hands of the social committee (Amy Chappelle, Tevan Fischbach, Chelle Hart, and Dawn LaMee) made for light work and more fun for all. 


to Steve Hart and Koni Sims for running such a smooth registration;

to Mayor Mike Levsen  for welcoming us to Aberdeen;

Jane Mundschenk for leading the “Canes and Paws for a Cause” Fun Walk

to our featured speakers

Dr. Marjorie Kaiser, SDSBVI Superintendent;

Christy Hulscher & SDSBVI Students;

Steven Buras, SD State Library Director;

Lisa Schriver, Quality Choices Nutrition Cnt;

Carmen Meyer, Life Partner of Coach Don;

Gaye Mattke, SBVI Division Director;

Sandy Neyhart, Program Manager, Older Blind Program;

Dawn Backer, SDRC Director;

Melissa and Erin Johnson, Speaker;

Chelle & Steve Hart, Virginia Miller, Lerae Olesen, and Deb Ver Steeg & Belle for  sharing about their trip to the ACB Convention;

to the Awards Committee for recognizing our winner Lerae Olesen;

to Dave Miler for all he did as President;

Lerae Olesen for all she did as Secretary;

the staff at the Ramkota for all their help; and

to EVERYONE who attended and EVERYONE who helped out in any way!!!


Gus Zachte Award by Deb VerSteeg, Awards Chairperson

This year’s recipient graduated in 1973 from the SD School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.    While in school she participated in all music activities and was part of a group which performed in local churches.  After graduation, she moved to Sioux Falls and attended Augustana University where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Music.  Her first career was as a Music Therapist.  She practiced this profession in Sioux Falls and then pursued a Master’s Degree in this field at Western Michigan University.  She moved to Rochester, MN where she was a Music Therapist for several years but in 1999 she returned to Sioux Falls to become a Relay Agent facilitating telephone calls for individuals who were deaf and hard of hearing.  Our recipient is currently retired and living in Sioux Falls.  She has been a consistent advocate for disability programs and services in South Dakota for her whole life. She presently serves on a transit ridership committee, acts as secretary of our local chapter of SDAB and volunteers at her church. She has been an active ACB member for over 40 years.  She first joined SDAB in 1975 and has been Past-President, Secretary (multiple terms), and has served and chaired on numerous committees.  She has always been there to serve SDAB as is known for her lifelong dedication and service.


First experience at ACB Convention by Nick Pavel

This year I had the opportunity to attend my very first National American Council of the Blind (ACB) convention in Minneapolis MN in July. My first thought when I walked in to the hotel lobby was; “what did I get myself in to?” To me, the lobby was huge and I wondered how will I ever find my way around, especially how was I going to find any of my sessions but I soon remembered that most everyone there was probably having those same thoughts and that everything would work out; which it did. I was able to overcome my fears; no problem. While at the convention, I learned a lot of new things about several interesting topics including:

tactile money,

new ideas coming from Microsoft,

skills needed for a new job which included a session called “men, put your best foot forward”,

interview skills from an employer’s point of view,

skills on how to get a job including lessons on how to tie a neck tie

the need for more mobility skills

Since I'm currently looking for a job I found all the information on improving my skills and impressing an employer; a really big help. Because of the connections I can make, another great idea I learned about and something I can do right now is to get out and spend time volunteering. I went on a couple of the tours offer; one being to a candy factory and my favorite was to the Cathedral in St. Paul MN where I had the opportunity to test out my skills playing their pipe organ; which was wonderful. I have been playing the organ in my home town church in Lesterville since high school and I recently started playing the organ at my church in Sioux Falls but playing the pipe organ at the Cathedral was a huge thrill and was by far the highlight of the week for me. I would like to thank SDAB for the monetary stipend given to me to attend my first National ACB convention; it was a great experience. I learned a lot, met a lot of people from all over the country, and got to do things I would not have gotten to without going. Now that I have attended a National Convention I’ll be ready for my next one. I am definitely hoping to attend another ACB convention down the road. All in all, I'm glad I made this trip.


Ski for Light by Virginia Miller

A Sioux Falls group is organizing a bus to take us to the Black Hills Regional Ski for Light event at Deer Mountain near Deadwood on January 23-26, 2017.  For information contact Virginia Miller at 605-428-3651 or


Celebrating February. . .     READ!

The Braille and Talking Book Library, part of the South Dakota State Library, will celebrate the month of February by offering a Winter Reading Program. Following the 20/24/7 guidelines each participant will read a minimum of twenty minutes each of the 28 days of February. They will record each day they read on their monthly reading chart. At the conclusion of the program the reading chart will be returned to the library and put into a drawing for a tablet. There will be no age divisions. An informational letter and registration form will go out to each child, ages 1 to 20, which are registered with the talking book program the week of January 9th.  The registrant will receive their reading chart prior to February 1, 2017. For more information call Mary Sjerven at 1-800-423-6665, extension 11 or email


Training in Deaf-Blindness by Rose Moehring

The Dakota Cohort Trainings in Deaf-Blindness was developed through a collaborative effort between the National Center on Deaf-Blindness (NCDB), the South Dakota Deaf-Blind Program, and the North Dakota Dual Sensory Project. Through use of the NCDB developed on line training modules, the Dakota Cohort is able to provide participants with a “hosted site” which provides an opportunity for on line learning, participant discussions, technical support, review of assignments, and a variety of credit options. Children who are Deaf-Blind often miss the same opportunities for learning that other children receive incidentally or naturally just from being exposed to the many sights and sounds from their environment. Deaf-Blindness can result in a sense of isolation and problems in communication skills development, concepts formation, and overall learning. In the school setting, Deaf-Blindness is considered a disability of access to the visual and auditory information provided in this learning environment.


The Dakota Cohort training is intended to address the training needs of para-educators, as well as early interventionist and school personnel, who work with children with combined vision and hearing loss, in order that students receive the support they need to be successful in their educational and post-secondary endeavors. Much of what is learned can be applied to children with other types of disabilities. Families are also welcome to participate in the modules.  For additional information contact Rose Moehring, Center for Disabilities Deaf-Blind Project, at 605-357-1437 or or check out the website at: medicine/center-for-disabilities/upcoming-events


Division of SBVI Updates by Gaye Mattke

As many of you know, Twyla Eggers left her position as Assistant Director with SBVI in July to return to the SD Developmental Center in Redfield to serve as the Assistant Director there.  I’m pleased to announce that Ronda Williams accepted the position of SBVI Assistant Director in August.  Many of you had the opportunity to meet Ronda at the SDAB annual convention in Aberdeen in September but I’d like to share a little about her for your members.  Ronda brings a wealth of experience as a former senior rehabilitation counselor and manager for the Division of Rehabilitation Services.  In addition to holding a certification by the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification, Ronda also has experience in independent living and data management.  Her commitment to employment of citizens with vision loss will be an asset to SBVI.  As 2016 wraps up, we are working on the SBVI Annual Report which goes to Governor Daugaard and the Rehabilitation Services Administration.  This report includes information on service delivery in the past year as well as success stories from those who received services.  Watch the SBVI web site for the 2016 Annual Report.  Feel free to contact me if you would like a hard copy or alternate format of the report. The Department of Human Services is upgrading the web site.  This makeover has resulted in a new web address for SBVI.  Check us out at:


Bear Sightings

An update on the “SDAB No Name Bear”; the bear made it safely home to Pierre SD after the convention.  Unfortunately, he did not appreciate riding with pumpkins and squash that were purchased at a road side stand on the way back to Pierre.  Once home he met his new friend, Lucy who is Gaye Mattke’s twelve year old dog who isn’t much bigger than “No Name Bear” but she welcomed the bear with a sniff and a lick and then, to his relief, ignored him. New adventures continued with a visit to the offices at the Department of Human Services.  After hanging out in Gaye’s office for a while, the “No Name Bear” ventured over to the Secretary and tried out Gloria Pearson’s (Secretary of the Department of Human Services) office.  He found her office much more to his liking, but Gaye retrieved him so Gloria would not find him meandering in her office.  Gaye decided the bear needed a makeover if he was going to be hob knobbing with state officials.  Marcia Hultman, Secretary of the Department of Labor and Regulation and a member of the Board of SBVI, offered to take care of the bear for a while to work on a new look.  He took a liking to Marcia, so has not returned as of this update.  Hopefully he hasn’t decided to relocate to Marcia’s home permanently... 


Raffle Winner

SDAB held a raffle again this year with the 1st prize being an 18x24 3D painting of Falls Park, 2nd $100, and 3rd $50. Sarah May received the painting and the winners of the money were members so both gracious turned the prizes back to SDAB.


News from Meeting by Lerae Olesen, Secretary

The Business meeting was held on September 17, 2016 and was called to order by President Dave Miller. The minutes from 2015 were approved by a motion seconded and carried.  Treasurer’s report: Steve Hart shared so far the raffle had taken in over $1000. The Clark Lions club donated $500. One of the largest expenditures was the ACB convention costs in July. There was some discussion about putting money into a semblance of the former gadgetry program. A motion seconded and carried to form a committee to establish criteria for distribution of discretionary funds to benefit individuals who are blind or visually impaired within our state. SDAB Survey: Dave Miller and Seth Sims explained about an upcoming survey which will be sent out to give the Board feedback on some of the priorities members have for SDAB. Some items covered in the survey will include: potential projects, annual convention versus every other year, and general feedback and fundamental questions. Membership: Koni Sims reported we currently have ninety one members, she will be sending out letters to recruit new members, eye doctors, and lions clubs.  Web page: We were able to get full access to our website and Koni Sims will be receiving training to manage the site. Koni will be looking for ideas and suggestions for the site too. Check it out!


Resolutions: summaries of topics brought forward and passed (complete info on web-site)

2016-01: Harmonization of Dog Guide Regulations 
Whereas, the United States Department of Justice (DOJ), as part of its comprehensive review and update of its regulations implementing Titles II and III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), adopted important revisions to regulations pertaining to covered entities’ non-discrimination obligations concerning service animals; and
Whereas, among other things, these revisions make critical clarifications to current law concerning the kinds of animals that fall within the scope of the ADA’s protections and the circumstances in which such animals may be used; and
Whereas, the regulations of the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) pertaining to service animals are in conflict with the DOJ regulations in, among other respects, their failure to apply the DOJ’s more restrictive definition of the term “service animal”.

Whereas, the DOT’s current definition of the term “service animals” allows for the use of unusual and exotic animals; and
Whereas, the use of these uncommon and exotic animals creates a number of operational and enforcement challenges for transportation providers, a much higher potential for service animal fraud, and an increased risk of health and safety concerns for transportation provider employees, members of the public and legitimate service animal handlers and their animals; and
Whereas, having multiple legal definitions of the term “service animal” results in confusion for individuals who must enforce service animal regulations while making it easier  for people to fraudulently pass off their pets and exotic animals as service animals, thereby undermining the public’s acceptance of legitimate service animals, and
Whereas, consistent federal regulation of service animals should yield consistent and reliable compliance by all entities covered by such non-discrimination obligations.
2016-02: Accessibility of Self-Care Medical Equipment 
2016-03: Internet Accessibility Regulations

2016-04: Audio Description.

2016-05: Accessible Textbooks, presented from the floor by Jane Mundschenk.

2016-06: Increased teacher funding for staff from the school.

2016-07. Requesting local TV channels to state phone numbers rather than stating, “Please call the number on your screen.”

Also mentioned was a bill drafting a resolution to vote “no” on HR3765, ADA Education and Reform Act of 2016.


Elections: slate of officers from the nominating committee: President, Lerae Olesen; 1st Vice President, Chelle Hart; 2nd Vice President, Seth Sims; Secretary, Dawn Brush; and Treasurer, Steve Hart. Each of the officers was elected by acclamation. Two three-year board terms were concluded by Deb Ver Steeg and Koni Sims. They were both elected by acclamation for a second three-year term. Mary Sjerven resigned from the board, leaving an unexpired term of two years. Tevan Fischbach was elected for the one year remaining on Chelle unexpired term, Amy Chappelle was nominated by the committee. Linda Heller was nominated from the floor. Linda was elected.


Board News Dawn Brush, Secretary

The following is a summary; for a complete copy of the minutes, contact Dawn. The SDAB Board Meeting was called to order by President Lerae Olesen on November 21, 2016 by conference call.  The following action was taken: Dues for membership were approved to the Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities and the SD Foundation for the Blind & Visually Impaired. Tevan Fischbach will visit with Marjorie Kaiser, Superintendent about representing SDAB on the SDSBVI Advisor Board.  Every affiliate of ACB has a page on their website. Koni Sims is developing SDAB’s website page so everyone is encouraged to send information to her. Financial committee is still working on a survey to soon be sent out to members to enhance the goals of the organization. Mary Sjerven from the Braille and Talking Book Library requested financial support for the 2017 summer reading program; approved. She stated that the program experienced a 10 % growth last summer and more braille readers were involved. A new committee for Consumer and Community Outreach has been established and the committee will begin the ground work for development. The SDAB is very appreciative of the $500 from the Clark Lions and the $100 from the Pampered Chef fund-raiser which will help with the set-up cost for the committee. SDAB will look at participating at Disability Awareness Day in Pierre to be held in Pierre during the Legislative session. The next board meeting is scheduled for January 30, 2017, committee chairs need to hold meetings with reports to be presented


Siouxland Chapter News by Lerae Olesen

The Siouxland chapter continues to meet on a regular basis with goals to cooperate with various businesses in the Sioux Falls area to encourage them in their efforts toward accessibility for all blind and visually impaired individuals. For instance, have you been to a movie in a theatre lately? If you attend a movie at the Century Theatres in Sioux Falls, or at the theater in Dell Rapids or Huron, and if the movie you want to see has an Audio Description track, we are happy to tell you that the above mentioned theatres are now equipped with the devices and headsets, enabling you to enjoy the movie more fully. Chelle Hart has written letters commending the Century Theatres for making the devices available. On the flip-side of that coin, the West Mall 7 Theatre does not yet have the devices and headsets available. I have contacted them regarding this matter and will follow up on the letter I wrote them, now that new rules are in place concerning Audio Description in theaters. Have you been to a Sanford facility lately, either as a patient or as a visitor? Koni Sims, Virginia Miller and Chelle Hart have been helping educate their employees on some basic “how-tos”. Koni is also on the look-out for signage and other accessibility issues at Sanford that are not user friendly for people with visual impaired. An example the other day when I went to visit my mother at Sanford, I had the assistance of a volunteer who showed me to her room. While he had never done sighted guide before, he caught on quickly and did a nice job. While my visit to the hospital was personal, not “educational,” that gentleman learned how to do sighted guide, and he will know what to do the next time a person needs his help. Through these opportunities, staff, and volunteers are becoming more aware of the needs and abilities of those of us who are blind.   In October, some of us participated in the 5th Annual White Cane March which was very successful with 78 walkers and the great exposure walking the 16-block route along 41st Street. The involvement of area Lions’ club and meeting at the China Express Restaurant help with the success. Plans are being made to celebrate Braille Literacy Month in January, with a braille display and demonstration at the downtown library. The development of local chapters needs to be looked into for other cities with the minimum number of people being five, according to our bylaws. The more involvement we have across the state, the more our organization will grow and be able to reach out to others who just might need what we have to offer. Elections: were held with Koni Sims as President, Chelle Hart as Vice-President, Lerae Olesen as Secretary, and Steve as Treasurer. 


Accessibility Requirements

On December 19, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released a Public Notice to remind the public about the new accessibility requirements that become effective now.  The new accessibility rules apply to equipment designed to receive or play back video programming, and manufactured or leased on or after December 20, 2016.  For example, television and set-top box controls, menus, and program guides must be accessible to individuals who are blind or visually impaired.  There are also requirements for simple and easy-to-use ways to activate closed captioning and video description.   The Public Notice also explains the process for filing complaints related to these accessibility requirements.  A fact sheet summarizing the accessibility requirements for television and set-top box controls, menus, and program guides, as well as how to file a complaint, is available on the FCC’s website at  For more information about this Public Notice, contact Will Schell, Disability Rights Office, Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau, at (202) 418-0767 or  For those using videophones and fluent in American Sign Language, you may call the ASL Consumer Support Line at (844) 432-2275. 


News and Notes

Our thoughts and prayers go out to several of our members and/or family members who are fighting battles with medical issues.

Happy Birthday: To all of us!!!

Friends will be missed: To the family and friends of Dallas Dietrich (Ski for Light founder) and Yvonne LaMee (Dawn’s mom) we keep you in our thoughts. I know I’ve missed someone, if so please accept my thoughts and prayers.


Percival’s Christmas Stocking (Author unknown)       

Percival Pig did something quite shocking; at Christmas he hung up a stretchable stocking.  As he scampered upstairs and hurried to bed, Percival chuckled, “I sure used my head – for a stretchable stocking’s a real guarantee that tomorrow there’ll be scads of presents for me!” Soon, over the rooftop Santa came riding; bump! Down the chimney Santa came sliding.  He sat in a chair resting and rocking, and then he attempted to fill the pig’s stocking.  He put in a soap cake shaped like a rose and a shiny gold ring to fit Percival’s nose – some skates, and a truck and a little toy tank and twenty-three pennies in a pink piggy bank. Then, Santa looked puzzled and said “wait a minute; this stocking seems as if it had nothing much in it.”  So quickly he added some drums and a trumpet, some peppermint canes and some butternut crunch – some bright colored mittens and a little stuffed cow – the pig’s stocking should be bulging by now!   Alas, the stocking grew seven more inches.  Santa then gave that sock some pokes and some pinches.  Then Santa declared, “it’s simply fantastic!  This stretchable stocking is made out of plastic.” Santa Claus chortled and chuckled with glee; he sat down in the rocker slapping his knee.  Then he wrote on some paper a letter which said, “Percival Piggy, you sure used your head.  But a piggy so smart must begin to believe that it’s better to give than it is to receive.  So I’ll leave all these presents right here with you; an unselfish piggy will know what to do.” Early next morning the piggy arose.  He scampered downstairs on the tips of his toes.  “Oh goody!” he squealed.  “That stocking’s a dandy. It’s stretched to the limit with packages and candy!”  Then he read Santa’s letter and read it once more.  No one had ever called him unselfish before.  And that sensible piggy, he quickly agreed that giving might be quite jolly, indeed. He put on his coat for he was eager to start.  Percival ran to his little red cart.  He loaded it up with packages and sweets and hurried away through the Piggyville streets.  He trotted along doing capers and jigs till he came to the Home of the Parentless Pigs.  “Merry Christmas!” he called to the little piggies there.  “I found I had plenty of presents to spare.”  And those little orphaned pigs seemed so happy and glad that Percival left all the presents he had. Then he hurried back home wheeling his cart with a warm, happy feeling aglow in his heart.  And he said, “I was really a selfish, young wretch to hang up a stocking intended to stretch.  But it all worked out well for I truly believe “”it’s far better to give than it is to receive!””



The next “First Friday Classes” will be held January 6, 2017. 8:00-11:00 am: Walk-in clinic – come when you’re available so have your assistive technology questions answered by experienced staff.1:00-3:00 pm: First Friday class - topic will be iPhone & iPad training, must register to attend! Where: SD Rehabilitation Center for the Blind, 2900 West 11th Street, Suite 101, Sioux Falls, SD. TO REGISTER FOR THE FIRST FRIDAY CLASS Call 1-800-658-5441 or 605-367-5260 or email­­­­­­­­­ by January 3, 2017

Training is intended for individuals who have low vision or are blind and are South Dakota residents.


 Membership by Koni Sims

If you have not already mailed your memberships, please submit it by March 18, 2017 so it can be included with the names submitted to the American Council of the Blind membership list. We encourage spouses, children, and friends to join SDAB. You do not have to be blind or visually impaired to join this great organization.

2017 Memberships received: Carol Arens, Dawn Backer, Linda Biffert, Thomas Biffert, Joan Bork, Roger Bratten, Dawn          Brush,            Louis  Brush, Keith Bundy, Peggy Bundy, Steve          Buras,             Jackie Campbell, Mary  Carrell, Amy Chappelle, Kathleen Davis, April Dominick, Twyla Eggers, Tevan Fischbach, Gailand Fischer, Dean Flewwellin, Zelda Gebhard, Lonald Gellhaus, Marva Gellhaus, Cherie Gerry, Ron Glasier, Dean Gross, Rochelle Hart, Steven Hart, Helen Hartmann, Richard Jangula, George Jones, Curtis Jutting, Marjorie Kaiser, Lori Kelsey, Nancy Kelsey, Steve Kelsey, Linda Kirnan, Mark Krogstrand, Paul Kruse, Dawn LaMee, Jo Marie Laughlin, Karen Luebke, Martin Luebke, Bruce Micheel, Nancy        Michlitsch, David Miller, Virginia Miller, Jane Mundschenk, Jeremy Newheisel, Dean North, Lerae Olesen, Pam Ondricek, Nick Pavel, Allan Peterson, Shelly Pfaff, Ed Pinkman, Jason Puckett, Doug Puetz, Jane Rayman, Nona Robertson, Amy Scepaniak, Reed Schlautman, Stephanie Schlautman, Arlene Schulenberg, Joseph Short, Koni Sims, Seth Sims, Becky Sjerven, Mary Sjerven, Ron Sjerven, Bob Smith, Beverly Sorenson, South Dakota Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities, Dawn Srstka, Frank Strong, Michelle Swanson, Robert Templeton, James Trimble, Casey Trowbridge, Leroy VandenBos, Alan Vandenburg, Deborah Ver Steeg, Lisa Waldner, Peter Waldner, Ruth Waldner, Steven Waldner, Mike Webb, Elaine Wiese, Erwin Wiest, James Zuber, Sherri Zuber



Mailing address: PO Box 1622, Sioux Falls SD 57101-1622

Facebook: South Dakota Association of the Blind   Web-site:     

President: Lerae Olesen: 2500 S Dakota Ave Apt 102, Sioux Falls SD 57105 605-978-9267

Past-President: Dave Miller: 3730 Locust St, Rapid City SD  57701 605-336-6628

1st V-President: Chelle Hart: 820 S Juneau Ln, Sioux Falls SD  57106 605-332-6059

2nd V-Pres: Seth Sims: 2000 S Grange Ave, Sioux Falls SD  57105 605-339-9512

Secretary: Dawn Brush: 1523 Royal Rd, Aberdeen SD 57401 605-229-4129

Treasurer: Steve Hart: 820 S Juneau Ln, Sioux Falls SD  57106 605-332-6059

SDSBVI Advisory Council:

Newsletter: Dawn LaMee1702 Prospect Ave #A3, Aberdeen SD 57401 605-226-3211       


Koni Sims: 2000 S Grange Ave, Sioux Falls SD  57105    605-941-9512

Deb Ver Steeg: 2505 S Willow Ave, Sioux Falls SD  57105             605-331-2131

Tevan Fischbach: 811 S 16th St, Aberdeen SD 57401  605-226-2574

Doug Puetz:  1805 W. Fulton St #501, Rapid City SD 57702 605-355-0668

Casey Trowbridge: 405 21st SE Apt 14, Huron SD 57350            605-412-6002 

Linda Heller: 2534 Frank SE, Huron SD 57350     605-353-1167


COMMITTEES   (The first person named is the chair of the committee)

Finance: Seth Sims, Lerae Olesen, Chelle Hart, Dawn Brush, Steve Hart, Casey Trowbridge, Doug Puetz,

Virginia Miller (

Membership: Koni Sims, Tevan Fischbach, Doug Puetz, Linda Heller

Program/social: Chelle Hart, Koni Sims, Seth Sims, Tevan Fischbach, Linda Heller, Steve Hart

Amendments: Casey Trowbridge, Doug Puetz, Lerae Olesen

Nominating: Dawn Brush, Dave Miller, Amy Chappelle (

Publicity: Koni Sims, Nick Pavel (, Dawn LaMee, Deb Ver Steeg, Steve Hart

Resolutions/legislative: Lerae Olesen, Casey Trowbridge, Dave Miller, Marje Kaiser (, Linda Biffert (

Consumer and Community Outreach: Chelle Hart, Tevan Fischbach, Kari Lortscher (

Scholarships/awards: Virginia Miller, Deb Ver Steeg, Seth Sims


South Dakota Association of the Blind Membership Form (2017)

One name per form: Name, Address, City/State/Zip, E-Mail, Phone: Home, Cell:

Fully Sighted, Totally Blind, Legally Blind, Visually Impaired


Membership dues are $15 per person. Dues are for the 2017 membership year. Please make checks payable to SDAB.    Membership must be received prior to March 8, 2017 to meet the American Council of the Blind (ACB) membership deadline.  To recognize and welcome members SDAB publishes their names in our newsletter, “As Eye See It.” Please indicate if we may publish your name. Your membership entitles you to receive a copy of our newsletter. If you are interested in receiving any or all of the following formats please indicate: large print, Braille, E-mail, None

SDAB is an affiliate of the American Council of the Blind (ACB). Your membership entitles you to receive their publication, the “Braille Forum.” Please indicate the format you wish to receive: Large print, Braille, e-mail, Cassette, CD, None

Mail to:           Koni Sims, SDAB Membership,    2000 S Grange Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57105