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South Dakota Association of the Blind

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Our Mission

To support and advocate for the full inclusion of persons who are blind and visually impaired into all aspects of society. This is accomplished through public education, peer support, community service, self and systems advocacy, and developing and supporting legislation.


About SDAB

Organized and located in South Dakota as a not-for-profit corporation; SDAB is a cornerstone of support, community, and advocacy for the blind and visually impaired. We work to educate the public that blind and visually impaired people are capable of doing everything everyone else does, even if a little differently. 

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You Matter

Members of SDAB are part of a positive change that improves communities' and peoples' lives. Membership is simple, meaningful, and available for everyone. Click "Do more" to learn more and make a difference.

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SDAB Leadership is comprised of passionate and compassionate people with a diverse background and immense range of knowledge and experience.

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